There are SUVs. And there are luxury SUVs. And then there’s the 2020 Volvo XC90

The XC90 is one of the most stylish crossovers on the market, and you can experience it yourself at Volvo Cars Mobile. But before you do, take some time to get to know the new XC90 below. 

A Closer Look at the 2020 Volvo XC90

What It Looks Like

A redesigned concave front grille and updated front and rear fascias keep the 2020 edition modern. But they are just minor brush strokes as part of the bigger picture.

LED headlights in Volvo’s signature T-shape give the XC90 a distinguished presence as a stylish and luxurious ride. The body is neither boxy nor obnoxious, allowing for an SUV that is almost wagon-like. 

The XC90 is also highly customizable, featuring a wide range of options and accessories that allow you to achieve the look you want.   

How It Drives

The base model of the XC90 features 250 horsepower packed inside a turbocharged T5 engine, and things only get better from there. How you want to drive is up to you. Multiple driving modes are available at the push of a button, including Comfort, Dynamic, Eco and Off-road. Or you can even use the Individual mode to customize your own ride by using your preferred combination of settings.

Not only can you drive any way you wish in the XC90, but you can also simply do less of it all together. Pilot Assist keeps you at a set speed and distance from the vehicle in front of you and gently steers you into the middle of the lane. And Curve Speed Adaptation uses map data to make cornering more comfortable and secure. 

When you’re finished with your drive, Park Assist Pilot will even parallel park the car for you. And when you’re ready to go again, Cross Traffic Alert guides you back out of your space safely.  City Safety and Run-off Road Mitigation round out some of the XC90’s advanced safety features.    

What’s Inside

Inside the new XC90, you’ll be greeted by Swedish luxury that’s calm and uncluttered. Tailored Wool Blend upholstery lets you relish in material that is both comfortable and sustainable, having been crafted from wool and recycled polyester. 

Once you’re settled, a 9” touchscreen display will do most of the work from getting you where you need to be to playing your favorite song while you get there. A heads-up display keeps your eyes on the road in front of you while a voice command center responds to natural speech and not just pre-set prompts. 

Sensus Navigation allows you to send destinations to your vehicle straight from an app and provides a number of useful travel services, such as finding a parking space or making reservations at a restaurant. And the XC90 also plays nicely with Apple CarPlay™ and Android Auto™. 

Volvo didn’t forget that the XC90 is still an SUV, however, and the cabin features seven individual seats for maximum comfort for all passengers (with a 6-seat option still available). And when need to haul something less than human, the five rear seats fold completely flat with the touch of a button. Meanwhile, those up front will enjoy seating with massage and ventilation. 

Experience the XC90 in Mobile, AL

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