April is National Car Care Month which means it is the perfect time to give your car the cleaning and tune-up it deserves. Continue reading to learn some valuable tips recommended by the Car Care Council to keep your car running at peak performance so you and other passengers can travel safely this summer.

Car Care and Maintenance Tips

Check Fluids and Filters

One of the most essential ways to keep your engine running smoothly is to make sure you maintain adequate amounts of clean, fresh oil. If the oil appears dark, cloudy, or gritty, then particles like dirt and debris could be circulating through your engine causing irreparable damage. Make it a point this month to schedule an oil change to replace the oil and filters in your car to keep your engine running smoothly.


Other fluids to consider include brake, transmission, cooling, and power steering fluids. If you aren’t sure how often you should check or replace these fluids, refer to your owners manual or contact the Volvo service center to create a regular maintenance schedule. 

Check Wheels and Tires

With the danger of ice and snow behind us, now it’s time to prepare for the sudden influx of April showers. Tires can only maintain traction in wet conditions if they are adequately inflated and have a safe amount of tread. Inspect your tires to discern if you should consider replacing your tires this month. At the very least, you’ll want to have your tires rotated and your wheels aligned to maintain the health of your tires in the coming months.

Inspect the Air Conditioning

Nothing can ruin a summer road trip faster than inadequate air conditioning. Take preventative measures now by inspecting your HVAC unit, the compressor, and the compressor belt. If something looks amiss, contact our service team to discuss replacing any necessary Volvo parts. By ensuring these parts are in working order, you can drive in comfort free from the heat and humidity of the coming summer. 

Schedule Your Tune-Up in Mobile, AL

Help us keep you and other drivers safe during National Car Care Month and schedule service at Volvo Cars Mobile. Our team will ensure that your car is ready for the summer season ahead. Give us a call to schedule your appointment or drop by our dealership today.