Don’t let your summer slip by without trying these fun and creative summer car activities. Continue reading for the details. 

Car Activities to Try this Season

Have a family car wash

Chances are that before automatic car washes became commonplace, you grew up washing your own car. This is a valuable skill to teach your kids and an excellent way to beat the heat on a hot summer day. 

Before you get started, be sure you’re using car-safe materials that won’t damage the surface of your car. Grab a mild soap free from detergent, a natural sponge, some buckets, and a water hose. Blare your favorite songs to keep the mood light, and be prepared to be drenched by your kids before you’re done. 

Take home away from home

Nap time shouldn’t mean you have to stay cooped up in the house while your baby sleeps. Take nap time on the go by driving to a quiet park. Pop the trunk and fill it with snacks so your older kids can help themselves as they play and explore outside. Open all the doors or windows to allow a breeze to keep the cabin cool. Leave your baby in her carseat to sleep peacefully or collapse the rear seats to make a bed for your toddler complete with a pillow, blanket, and stuffed animal. Finally, sip on an iced coffee in the front seat and enjoy your afternoon with a favorite book or magazine. 

Find a drive-in movie theater

Perhaps nothing is more nostalgic than a drive-in movie theater. Chances are that with a little research, you might find that you’ve been living within driving distance of one for some time. Share a bit of your childhood with your kids, and take them to a drive-in movie. 

This option is especially appealing to parents of young kids who may not be able to sit quietly in a traditional theater. A drive-in movie allows your family to enjoy itself free from the stress of wondering if your kids may be disrupting other viewers around them. All you need for this activity are your favorite movie snacks. 

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